” The Solist has excellent sound qualities which absolutely broadens the overtone spektrum of my cello! “

– Daniel Müller – Schott, Soloist


“ My violin sounds better that ever, the Solist is simply wonderful! “

– Ilya Gringolts, Soloist, his instrument is a violin by Antonio Stradivari


“ The solist is simply fantastic! “

– Christophe Coin, Soloist


” By sing the Solist my violin sounds better that I could have ever dreamed of! All four strings sound absolutely even and my instrument has more power and overtones.It borders a miracle! “

– Giovanni Barbato, Concertmaster Camerata Da Vinci


” The Solist has given my violin an enormous amount of power, clarity and purity.Its a fantastic product which I can recommend to everyone! 

– Gianmaria Melis, Concertmaster Orchestra Teatro Lirico di Cagliari


” The difference in sound is incredible! I am shocked! “

– Charles Antoine Duflot, Cellist und Winner of the competition Wettbewerbs Ton und Erklärung 2013


” The wolf tone on my G- string has disappeared and the sound as well as the playability of my violin has improved in such unbelievable fashion, that I hardly recognise my instrument! “

– Cosetta Ponte, assistant principal 2.Violin OSJ


“ The improvement in Sound is astounding, the Solist is ingenious!”

– Burghard Toelke, Concertmaster Ensemble Wienklang


” The Solist is absolutely fantastic! “

– Harvey de Souza, Concertmaster, his instrument is a violin by Carlo Bergonzi


” My violin sounded a bit harsh and nasal both of which problems were eliminated by the Solist and on top has given my instrument more power.I am thrilled! “

– Marzena Toczko, Sinfonietta Basel


” The Solist is exactly what my Cello needed! “

– Panu Sundquist, professor Hochschule für Musik Freiburg


” My violin sounds absolutely superb now! “

– Rodica Kostyak, 1.Violin Symphonieorchester Basel


” My violin has a more brilliant sound and plays effortless. I am delighted! “

– Soyoung Kim, lead Bayrische Staatsoper


” The Solist is worth much more than its price! “

– Silvia Simionescu, professor für Bratsche Musikakademie Basel

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