About Solist

” For centuriesmankind has tried to understand what the secret behind the sound of stringed instruments and its improvement.

This secret has now been discovered…

Its the tailpiece made by Solist.

By lenghthening the strings behind the bridge, our tailpiece (Swiss patent Nr.138 497 und Europapatent Nr.2056952) creates an optimal foundation for the transmission of  sound waves  which, together with the apllication of an plant extract found in the Amazone, produces an improvement of sound and playability of stringed instruments, which so far has not believed to be possible.

The Solist will give your instrument more carrying power, openness, evenness and beauty of sound while at the same time facilitate playability and eliminating wolftones.

In the first three week after introducing our tailpiece 36 were given on trial and all of them were sold, a continuing trend.

Those facts not only make the Solist the most sold tailpiece amongst professional musicians but one of the greatest innovations in he history of stringed instruments.

The Solist is available for violin, viola, cello and bass and is handmade from the best rosewood or finest pernambucco for the highest of demands.

Our tailpieces are only genuine if sold with a handsigned certificate of authenticity.

We are looking forward to elevate your instrument to its highest potential! “

Peter ” The Captain” Klein, Treasure hunter